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New Timekeeper for the Highwaymen

In January, Whiskey Highway officially welcomed a new "weapon of mass percussion", Wayne Nethercott.

Raised in West Chester, New York, Wayne learned to slap the skins while attending SUNY New Paltz. Thirty years later, his passion for music has only grown stronger. Wayne's played with a some other local bands over the years, including Crazy Head Mazie, and the True Grit Outlaws.

From drummers like Peter Criss of Kiss, to Rush’s Neil Peart, to Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, Wayne has no shortage of idols and inspirations. Now, Wayne has brought his big sound to Country-Rock-It with Whiskey Highway, and the party is just beginning in 2024.

Find out more about Wayne on the Band Members page. Don't forget to check out our upcoming Shows, and make sure you get out to see and hear our new toe tappin' kit captain do his thing.

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