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// lead guitar, vocals

Mike hails from Averill Park. A proud guitar student of Matt Smith and began playing at age 13. His brother was a huge influence, introducing him to his rock roots. In high school, Mike co-founded "Ambush", a small band influenced by Metallica. In the early 90's, he and friends formed "Sauce", focusing on bands such as 3 Doors Down, Bush, and Kiss. Mike then had a long run with "5 O'clock Charlie", playing classic and 90's rock. His biggest accomplishment was learning 80's metal and being able to open for "RATT" at Northern Lights. Mike's next projects were "King Friday" in 2007, followed by tribute bands for "Creed" and "Pearl Jam". Mike's adoration for Kenny Rogers & Garth Brooks helped push his heart to Country. Now, inspired by Jason Aldean, who added a rock edge to Country Music, Mike enjoys playing new and classic country hits, with this talented band. His success will always be attributed to his family and friends who kept his love for entertaining alive.


// bass

Dan was born the son of a horse trader in Haynersville. He attended Tamarac High School, on and off. Sometimes he'd just stay home and jam. Dan started out playing the drums in his first band, "Euphoria" (Mike McMahon Band). Soon after that he started playing Bass in his brother Jay's band, called "Cottonmouth" (Country and Southern Rock). In 2007, Dan co-founded the band "King Friday" (Classic Rock) with Mike Slavin and worked on several side projects with Mike after that; including "Full Circle" (Creed Tribute Band) and "King Jeremy" (Pearl Jam Tribute Band). Following a great 7-year run with those bands, Dan decided to go back to his roots, on the "Whiskey Highway"!

// lead vocals

As a child Steve would sing with his mother in the kitchen, listening to Kenny Rogers. In the late 80s he would dabble with other genres, but returned to country music in the 90s. After 20+ years singing in bars and at family gatherings (1990s, well into the 2010s), two of his friends (the lead singers of Skeeter Creek, the biggest country cover band in the region) asked him to sing a song with another local band. Steve hopped up on stage with that band, as he had SK so many times. A few weeks later, Steve officially became the lead singer of the True Grit Outlaws. After more than 3 years, Steve eventually stepped down in 2016 to focus more on his family. He decided to return to the stage years later when his friend, former TGO bandmate and guitarist, recommended that Steve succeed him as the front man for a band closer to home. In the Fall of 2019, Steve joined the guys of Whiskey Highway, and it's been a boot stompin' helluva ride ever since.


// fiddle, mandolin, vocals

With decades of musical performances from rock to bluegrass to country, Marty brings his unique, adventurous, but always collaborative style of playing to the always evolving Whiskey Highway stage. If you thought you knew what a fiddle was supposed to sound like, think again!


// guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals

Involved with music since his time in junior high, primarily with the guitar, Tim has played with other bands, such as Borrowed Time, Power Source, and the First Cut, along with various acoustic acts around the region. He's played a few roles within Whiskey Highway since the band's formation, and has recently taken up the pedal steel guitar, adding that to his talents with the electric and acoustic guitars. Tim's looking forward to continuing to cover the best modern and classic country music songs alongside the other skilled musicians and vocalists in the most recent ensemble of Whiskey Highway!


// drums, vocals

Wayne was born and raised in West Chester, New York. He was bitten by the musical bug at an early age, picking up the trumpet in grade school and even teaching other students how to play. After high school, he enrolled at SUNY New Paltz, where he was involved in their music program and took music theory. That is where his cousin sat him down at a kit and put two drum sticks in his hands. Wayne's been playing drums ever since. Thirty years later, his passion for music has only grown stronger.

Wayne has played with good friends in Crazy Head Mazie, True Grit Outlaws. and now with Whiskey Highway. Wayne grew up listening to the band Kiss and was drawn to the massive drum sets of Peter Criss. While Wayne’s favorite drummer is Rush’s Neil Peart, as his musical tastes expanded, the big, loud beat, sound and groove of Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham drew him in even deeper.

From the first song at a show to the last, as the motor of the band, you'll always see Wayne giving his all! As long as people are dancing or singing along, his energy will never wain!

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